Sunday, July 19, 2009


It was very dark in there…

She was freezing but she went on walking.
He had warned her that this note would be very well
hidden and that would be a really challenging chase.

The floor was muddy. Her long white dress was
becoming dirty and wet. She kept going further inside
the dark loft. The candle in her silky hand was
trembling. She was sure that in a minute or so,
this small fire would die out.

She put her hand on the small crypt she discovered.
It was empty. She then raised the large stone in front
of her with difficulty, and touched the floor,
but no luck again.

She was shivering now. She thought that somehow
she should find the note. She knew that something
very tempting would be written on it.

The air was getting lesser and lesser.
She could not breath properly, but kept running now.

Usually, anything mysterious kept her alive and
she was definitely sure now that this message would
reveal a tantalizing secret.

Suddenly she saw the white piece of paper. It was
perfectly folded on the small table, on the right hand
side of the corridor. She snapped it and opened it without
even breathing.

She read:

“What is desire?
I am possessing the mystery key that unlocks the door
of the kingdom of truth or lie, of virtue or vice,
of enjoyment or misery…
depending on where you desire to enter…
Meet me tonight, midnight, by the Tower Bridge…”

She ran out of the loft, in the dark streets,
half-smiling and half-skared…

ps poco allegretto from Brahms symphony no3
Karajan conducting
Extraordinary music… touching and challenging


Psycho said...

Amazing as true colors came out my mind...

Natalia said...

they say that dreams are b/w...

Radio Marconi said...

Όμορφη αυτή η ερωτική και dark αισθητικής ατμόσφαιρα που μου μετέδωσες και που την έντυσες με αυτές τις φωτογραφίες.

Είναι μερικές στιγμές στη ζωή που η επιθυμία ξεπερνά τους φόβους, τα θέλω επαναστατούν και διεκδικούν αυτό που τους ανήκει και κάνεις το βήμα, ενώ ξέρεις πως ίσως είναι λάθος και κάνεις μετά το επόμενο βήμα ακούγοντας τις άμυνες που τόσα χρόνια έχτιζες γύρω σου να καταρρέουν ...και χαμογελάς προχωρώντας στο σκοτάδι.

Μπορεί να μην έχει σχέση με το κείμενο αλλά ήθελα να γράψω ...περισσότερο για μένα.


(και γράφοντας καλημέρα, διαπιστώνω πως ξημέρωσε και πως οι άμυνες με ένα μαγικό τρόπο βρίσκονται πάλι στη θέση τους)

Natalia said...

οι αμυνες καταρρέουν μόνο στο σκοτάδι ε marc?
και η επόμενη μέρα τις ξανακαλεί στις επάλξεις...

γι΄αυτό υπάρχει πάντα ένα mastermind... to control the situation and prevent from any explosion... :)

καλησπέρα και καληνυχτα